astronomy evening
at the ASTROLab
at the base of the mountain

in french


Dès le 1er septembre 2021, le passeport vaccinal COVID-19 permettra l’accès à l’activité à l’ASTROLab. Il sera exigé pour toutes les personnes de 13 ans et plus. Vous devrez présenter votre passeport vaccinal (en format papier, en format PDF sur votre appareil mobile ou à partir de l’application VaxiCode) ainsi qu’une preuve d’identité.

Located at the foot of Mount Mégantic, the ASTROLab is an astronomy activity centre with a multimedia room and outdoor observation deck. During the evenings at the ASTROLab, astronomy and the starry sky are on the menu .

The course of the evening is adapted to the meteorological and astronomical conditions.
In the first part, enjoy a presentation in the multimedia room. in FRENCH.
In the second part, if the sky is clear, stars are observed with our telescope. If the sky is covered, the evening continues inside with presentations rich in content, images and interactivity.  In FRENCH.

Check out the schedule upon reservation.  The evening can start at different hours depending the date.

Centre d'interprétation
Poussieres detoiles
Cassiopée A. NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI

Details of the main show : 

Did you know that the atoms that compose you were formed in the heart of the stars? This major discovery of the 20th century, so well shared by Hubert Reeves, changed the way we look at the Universe and ourselves. We now know that our cosmic bonds are even more numerous! As the famous popularizer wrote, «the history of the Universe is our history».  Discover with us the secret links that unite us to the cosmos.



On line : click here

By phone : 819 888-2941 

Toll-free : 1 800 665-6527

RATES- 2024

$22.75 $
Children (17 and under)

Wear warm clothes.  It’s very very cold at night.

Rates subject to change without notice.

Taxes not included. 

Free for children 17 and under, when accompagnied by their family

Reservations necessary for evening activities.


The Annual Québec National Parks Card offers an advantage here: at all times, cardholders receive a 15% discount on astronomy’s tickets.