Lodging Options

There are several accommodation options available to you.

For accommodation near the park, visit our Packages sections Terre aux étoiles and Neige aux étoiles.

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OBSERVATOry sector

This area of the park offers rustic lodging accessible by long hike.

  • Rustic camping

Thirteen 3.6 m by 3.6 m rustic camping platforms await you for a sunset under a sky full of stars.

  • Huts

Four huts, with a maximum capacity of eight people, are available by reservation.

  • Huts at the summits

Two huts are available in winter, spring and autumn to spend a memorable night. Let yourself be amazed! Huts on the summits, however, do not have water points nearby.

  • Rustic camps

Six rustic camps with a capacity of 8 people are available. There are double beds, a table, a sofa bed and a wood stove.

Four other rustic camps with a capacity of two to six people are available.


At Franceville sector, there are 35 camping sites with 2 services and 33 sites without services.

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