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The ASTROLab is officially recognized by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec (MCC) as a museal institution in the category « interpretation centre »

Centre d'interprétation

our mission

Mont-Megantic ASTROLab’s mission:

In addition, following the acquisition of the assets and management of the operations of the interpretation centre by the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (Sépaq), the Corporation has also set itself the mandate to:


The corporation has also been mandated by the community to be the organization that is officially responsible for the Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve. Finally, following the takeover of the assets of the Festival d’astronomie, the Corporation has given itself the mandate: to assume, in collaboration with the Parc national du Mont-Mégantic, the financial and technical responsibility of the Festival d’astronomie

regular MEMBErS

The Corporation is comprised of nine (9) regular members who have been selected to provide the ASTROLab with scientific expertise in astronomy, to be well-grounded in the field, and to meet various needs of the organization.

a member appointed for life because of his outstanding contribution :

Bernard Malenfant,
ASTROLab Founder

other members :

honorary MEMBErS

In recognition of an outstanding contribution to the ASTROLab, the Board can to designate, by resolution, any person as an honorary member of the Corporation.

To date, those who have been granted honorary membership at the ASTROLab are:

De la forêt aux étoiles

From the Forest to the Stars, created by the artist Ida Rivard, is now permanently exhibited in the group room of the ASTROLab. This triptych is the result of an unusual collaboration between the artist and the ASTROLab, both mobilized for the awareness of the International Year of Forests. Concerned by our increasingly global Western way of life, where consumption and the taste of the day are levelling off the ancestral experience, Ida Rivard reacts to the media pollution of ideas and ideals and creates, from recycled materials, of the worldly follies that she wishes for the healthiest. Visit her website to see for yourself!

management team

from earth to the stars

A bewitching journey of initiation to astronomy and nature for the whole family! Mont-Mégantic National Park is part of the Quebec parks system managed by the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (Sépaq). The park’s fundamental mission is the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment through education. At Mont-Mégantic National Park, Nature in its entirety is in the spotlight. Astronomy, geology, biology and ecology are perfectly natural in a setting of incomparable majesty. Mont-Mégantic National Park is about science and beauty, nature and culture, knowledge and responsibility. It is a powerful mountain, wild nature, an unforgettable starry sky.

Mont-Mégantic National Park is Nature on all scales. And this is the most fascinating story: that of the Universe, of Earth, of Life. This is our story. For the presence of living beings on Earth today, like the existence of Earth itself, is related to the physical conditions of the farthest past of the Universe. Life is dust of stars. This is surely one of the greatest discoveries of the century. Protecting and safeguarding it will be one of the biggest challenges to come. 

Mont-Mégantic National Park is the only Quebec park to offer world-class astronomy-related activities thanks to the ASTROLab, its interpretive centre with three thematic rooms and a multimedia room, and its three Observatories.


Come and discover a protected natural environment, where we witness a happy marriage between the activities of the Earth and the Stars !