Mont-Mégantic Popular Astronomy Festival - in french

The Astronomy Festival is a unique occasion to allow yourself to become passionately inspirered by the stars. Dedicated to the public, this great celebration of the sky will help you discover a whole new approach toward nighttime. In addition to a pleiad of fascinating activities, the Festival is the only time of year that gives public access to Mont-Megantic research Observatory at night. It’s not everynight that you are permitted to take a peek at the sky through the most performing telescope of the country.

Mont-Megantic Observatory will be open 3 nights, July 14-15-16. The evening starts with a conference (in French).  You can then take a shuttle to the summit to reach our 2 observatories : Mont-Megantic Observatory where you can listen to as astronomer and observe if the sky is clear, and the Popular Observatory where our guides are waiting to share their passion!

Let’s meet in the Universe!

2023 Theme : ECLIPSE

For more than 200 years, the possibility of their existence defies the imagination and science. Can matter really reach such a prodigious density? Can a star really imprison light? There are many who doubted the reality of these gravitational monsters. And yet, the discoveries of recent years show that, once again, the cosmos surpasses fiction… Travel with us into one of the greatest scientific adventures of all time!

Learn all about the next total solar eclipse.  IN FRENCH.

If the sky is cloudy : all activities are held as scheduled.  There will be a guided tour of the Observatory (in French) and a presentation called Black holes (in French) in the Popular Observatory.

3 nights: July 6-7-8 2023

A Festival reservation gives you access to :


Rates and reservations for festival


By phone : 819 888-2941
Toll-free : 1 800 665-6527

festival rates 2022

Summit access to the Festival acitivities
Children (17 under)

Please wear warm clothes.  It’s very very cold at the summit.
Taxes not included.
Rates subject to change without notice.
Park entry fee not included.
Free of charge for children 17 years and under in the company of their family.
Reservations necessary
15% DISCOUNT  : The Annual Québec National Parks Card offers an advantage here: at all times, cardholders receive a 15% discount on the ASTROLab’s activities.