The daily astronomy tour includes the ASTROLab and the Observatory.  

Daytime tour of the ASTROLab

Located at the foot of the mountain, ASTROLab offers exposition rooms and a multimedia room with a giant screen.  

The daytime tour of the ASTROLab includes different animations :

  • Mesurer l’Univers - in French
  • La lumière - in French
  • Les Phases de la Lune - in French
  • Bricole ta fusée - in French
  • Emergence : cosmic evolution - available in English
  • Cosmos virtuel - in French

The Exhibit room is bilingual.

Opened between noon and 4:30 pm.

mme 140820 5 0131

Daytime tour of the observatory

The Mont-Mégantic Observatory, located at the top of the mountain since 1978, is accessible every day of the summer as part of our guided tours.

You will be accompanied by an enthusiastic guide who will help you discover the best performing telescope (1.6 metres) in Canada and explain its operation as well as the work and research accomplished by the astronomers.

The guided tours are conducted in French.

visite de jour observatoire

Rates and reservations for daytime activities


By phone : 819 888-2941 

Toll-free : 1 800 665-6527

summer rates 2020

ASTROLab and Observatory daytime visit
Children (17 under)
Access fee to the park
Children (17 under)

The VR activity, Cosmos virtuel, must be reserved in advance.
Taxes not included.
Rates subject to change without notice.
Free of charge for children 17 years and under in the company of their family.

The Annual Québec National Parks Card offers an advantage here: at all times, cardholders receive a 15% discount on astronomy’s tickets.