new summer

If you didn’t have the chance to visit us during Summer 2019…

Discover in 15 seconds our new activities still on the programm for the summer !

emergence : cosmic evolution

How did matter organized itself up to life? From the smallest elementary particles to the most complex ecosystems, discover the fascinating organization of matter. 

Big screen, 10 meters, 4K projection.

Available in the ASTROLab day tour.

emergence : the app

The new interactive app Emergence

offers a fun educational experience to better understand the scales of matter organization. The history of the Universe is the history of matter being organized. Experience a cosmic journey, from the smallest particles to the most complex ecosystems. The app complements and deepens the concepts contained in the film. It is available here:

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virtual Cosmos

Through a series of immersive panoramas that will take you from Earth to the stars, discover some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Universe. Enjoy your Neil Armstrong moment and contemplate the Earth from the surface of the Moon! Sit comfortably in our seats, and enjoy your trip! 

Animated activity of 20 minutes, with virtual reality helmets and static 360o panoramas.

In French.

Available in the ASTROLab day tour.